Craniosacral therapy is highly  effective therapy  in helping you to feel more embodied and calm. It is helpful in treating issues such as depression and anxiety.  It is also  an effective therapy for treating chronic painand musularskeletal issues injuries. Biodynamic Craniosacral  therapy is gentle and honours and acknowledges the bodies natural intelligence allowing it to heal itself. It is  suitable for all ages and a range of condtions.

Rolfing is a soft tissue bodywork that gently frees up your fascia . This  will help your posture  to align and for you to mfeel lighter and more flexible and fluid in your body. . People generally feel less pain, more upright  and calm  and embodied. Rolfing is also effective in releasing long held  emotional memories held in your body tissues. I believe that the body holds the memoreis of our past experiences and traumas. Rolfing will allow you to release these,held experiences  through softening and freeing up connective tissues. This will  enable you to move forward in life with renewd energy and joy.    

This session includes 1 hour Rolfing and 35  minutes Craniosacral therapy. My Rolfing style is gentle and relaxing and helps you to feel more embodied and relaxed. 
Then you will receive a Craniosacral session which will help your body to further deepen into your body  and calm.  This will allow the spoace for your body to integrate the changes and to have the space to  make the necessary changes needed  to support your emotional and physical well-being. The body intelliegnce within us all  will  support you with whatver it sees as the priority for health  at the time.  

For Rolfing underwear will be worn and you will be covered with towels for the session. For Craniosacral please wear comfortable clothing as you will remain dressed. If I do a needed combination session you will be completely covered after the Rolfing session  in towels and a blanket, for the Craniosacral part of the session. The most common position for Craniosacral sessions is lying on your back , covered and warm.

Most people feel very relaxed and report sleeping much better. Reduced pain or reduction in uncomfortable sensations is also very common . embodied, lighter, happy, inspired, more patience, and more regulated in life.

It really depends on each individual.  Sessions tend to be cumulative and typically I recommend a series of three spaced a week or two part initially.  It is  something that you can do throughout your life to support you when needed.