Rolfing is a soft tissue bodywork which aims to balance your posture and help you feel freer in your body. The primary goal of Rolfing is to releases lifelong structural patterns. It is highly effective in correcting your posture which will decrease pain and increase energy and restore health to your fascia (connective tissue which surrounds every muscle, joint and organ).
As a Rolfer I will work on the connective tissue to free up areas that have become shortened or restricted due to past injuries, ageing, poor posture, gravity and much more. Our fascia can become restricted and shortened over time, which effects fluid balance and our overall ability to move freely. The fascia therefore may not be able to glide as freely and smoothly as it should. Rolfing can help to free up the fascia and bring back health.
During the course of our lives our bodies can experience stresses and strains, injuries and trauma. If these stresses are not resolved at the time it can become locked in the body and Rolfing will help to unblock and to free your body. My style of Rolfing is very gentle and is not painful. The most affective way to create long term health is for you to feel comfortable, safe and embodied.
I have found the combination of Craniosacral Therapy and Rolfing to be very beneficial to address many issues. The one hour Rolfing is very gentle and will help your tissues to relax and for you to feel calm and more embodied. Then the Craniosacral Therapy 30 minutes will help to calm your nervous system, help you feel more embodied, safe and connected in your body.
I have trained at The Rolf Institute in the USA and have over 22 years experience as a Rolfer.

Rolfing is highly beneficial for:

  • Embodiment and relaxation.
  • Increasing flexibility feeling light and spacious.
  • Back pain, headaches, joint issues, fibromyalgia etc.
  • The effects of ageing and gravity on the body.
  • Posture alignment.
  • Emotional release.
  • Resolving past Injuries and restrictions.
  • Improving overall health and wellbeing
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